The Only Pot I’ll Ever Need

After weeks of debating the pros and cons of buying a 5.5-qt Round Le Creuset Dutch Oven, I succumbed to my desires. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives out there there will get the job done. Believe me, I’ve done the research. But it’s such a classic! I don’t think I’ve seen a more attractive pot.

With a giant list of recipes bookmarked under “for my future Dutch Oven”, I knew it was time to order one on Amazon. I had to go with “flame red” for the color, of course. That was basically decided after I watched Julie & Julia for the umpteenth time (if you haven’t seen, go watch it!!!).

Oh, how I love the beauty of Amazon Prime. In just a day and a half, I got an e-mail from the post office. A package! Oddly enough, I didn’t sprint straight to the post office. Instead, I savored the moment. I delayed as much as a could: I made lunch, watched the new episode of The Mindy Project, did my reading for Argumentation. But finally, as my thoughts began drifting back to the package waiting for me just a couple of minutes away, I could no longer wait. The feeling of excitement for opening my long sought-after Le Creuset could no longer be contained. (I know, it’s a little silly how much I loved this pot that I haven’t even opened. But…so beautiful!!! 0.0)

WIthout Further Ado…

Beautiful, I know.

Beautiful, I know.

I present to you, my new dutch oven! A pot as lovely as this has to have a name that would match its beauty. Oh, how wrong I was. Albie said that it looked like a “Hal”. Initially, I was pretty against the name. I mean, “Hal”? Come on. That’s such a manly name, so undeserving of this beauty. But on second thought, this dutch over is suppose to last a lifetime right? And hey, Le Creuset is a pretty badass French company whose translated name is “The Crucible”. As in “a place or occasion of severe test or trail”. So I guess Hal is a pretty fitting, sturdy name after all.


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